Send Invitation From LogMeIn

To activate remote access on, you will need to set up a new account with a user name and password. Once you log in to your account, you will have the option to download LogMeIn software to your PC.

After the download is complete, a LogMeIn icon is displayed in the task bar on your desktop. Click on the icon and enable LogMeIn. You will see an option to Turn Off accessibility to your PC, Send an Invitation or to Share Files.

In order for a remote user to have access to your PC, you would click on Send an Invitation. The name of the invitation displays in the Title field and there is an option to set an expiration date for the invitation in days, hours and minutes. Click on Next -> Check ‘I will send the message myself’.

Click on Next and LogMeIn will create an invitation link. You can select to Copy the link to your clipboard or Create a new email to the remote user. If you select the clipboard option, you will need to create a new email to the remote user and insert the link in the body of the email from the Clipboard. If you selected to create a new email to a remote user, the link is automatically inserted into a newly created email, the subject of the email will display ‘Desktop Sharing link via’ and the link will display in the body of the email. Click on Send to transmit the invitation to the remote user.


It is important that you set the expiration date to a reasonable amount of time so the invitation doesn’t expire before the remote user is logged off your PC. A specific amount of hours or days would be appropriate depending on the remote user’s needed time of access.


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