Total Order Plus Version 2018 Features

The features listed below are included in the latest version of TOP 2018:

  • Backorder mask increased to 999,999.99 on the Backorder Report
  • Several reports have been added to print to a PDF:
  1. Accounts Payable Check Register
  2. Accounts Payable Payment Selection Register
  3. Accounts Payable Check Reconciliation
  4. General Ledger Chart of Accounts
  5. General Ledger Journal Entry Report
  • Correction made to General Ledger Retained Earnings at the end of a year
  • TOP Welcome screen displays the number of BBx licenses in use and if the license is currently up to date
  • Maintain Address Data in Order Entry now contains a new option ‘Is The Address Information Correct?  (CR-N-EMAIL-End). Type EMAIL to enter Other Order Information – Job Description, Customer Email and Ship-To Email
  • Added order Revision Date to Order Entry Header Data and all Order Entry history files
  • Added salesperson email address to the Salesperson Masterfile Maintenance on the Sales Analysis System Menu
  • Expanded the title and telephone extension fields for the Accounts Receivable Customer Contact Maintenance