Add User to Total Order Plus

At the Total Order Plus Main Menu, type ? + US to display the User Services Options Menu  -> Select D. User Master Maintenance  ->  Press F1 to add a new user


The User ID must be the same login user name you enter to log into Total Order Plus.

Type the User first and last name  -> Group code is used for security reasons only (i.e. Ability to enter credit card information – must match the credit password code set up in the A/R Parameters).

Type the birth date in MMDD format  ->  Warehouse code will default to 000 if you do not specify a code.

Employee code should be the first and last initial of the user name  ->  The default menu selection determines which selection on the TOP main menu for the cursor to highlight.

Leave the terminal field blank to use the system terminal ID  ->  Type Y or N for decimal for number entry default to decimal.

User login message is optional  ->  email address should be entered if the user is going to send emails out of TOP.

All of the calendar, to do lists, contacts are optional fields. TOP will display the dates automatically if these fields are displayed.

User_MaintenanceHere is an example of a user record:




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