How To Capture a TOP Screen

There are a few ways to capture system messages, screen messages and error messages within Total Order Plus to send via email for a support request. You can do a screen print  to a printer if your are using a terminal emulator with that option and fax the screen print to Mindware. You can capture a screen print onto your Windows clipboard and insert the screen image from the clipboard into your email. If you have a scanner that will create the image into a PDF file, you can attach the PDF to your email.

To capture your screen image to the clipboard, press the CTRL+ALT+ PrtScrn key on your keyboard and the image is attached to your clipboard. Once you create your email, you can click on the clipboard option, highlight the image in the clipboard that you want to insert and select the paste option.  Windows automatically inserts the screen image into the body of your email. For more information on screen capture, click on the link below.

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