Initialize DVD discs for BackupEdge

If your BackupEdge software requires using a DVD for your nightly backup, it is usually helpful to initialize the discs prior to use. The discs must be DVD-RW in order to work. The initialization will not work for customers who use DVD-R discs. Some disc drives perform much better with the read/write capability. To initialize DVD-RW discs, perform the following:

Insert a DVD-RW into the disc drive on your server


If you have a Red Hat Linux server, it is possible that you have a Blu Ray DVD drive installed. You can check with Mindware for that information. If the drive is Blu Ray, we recommend using dual layer VERBATIM Blu- Ray Media  BD-RE DL  50GB 2X for best results.

Log in as root to get to the # prompt  ->  type  edgemenu  to launch the BackupEdge software menu

Enter the letter A or use your right arrow key to highlight the Admin tab  ->  Select Initialize Medium  -> Press the Enter key once the Initialize Medium is highlighted

‘This will erase all data on this medium’ message will display  ->  Press the Enter key for ‘Erase It’

The initializing will display a message that the process has begun and once it is complete, a message will display that the process was successful. Press the Enter key to return to the menu.

Type the letter F or use your left arrow key to highlight File  ->  Select X or use your down arrow to select exit  ->  Type exit at the # prompt to return to the system login prompt


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