How to Create a User PDF Icon

Every user in Total Order Plus can have their own desktop icon that allows you to print and view forms and reports from your own PDF file. The file is created using your TOP login user name. Your PC must be mapped to the EXPORT folder (U Drive) on the server.

To create your icon, follow the steps below:

Right Click on your desktop to display a drop down list  ->  Select New  ->  Select  Shortcut

Type in the name of the file, folder, drive letter or Internet address or Click on Browse to select your option  (i.e.  U:\JSIMMONS.PDF  –  EXPORT drive letter+:\+login name+PDF extension)

Type in the name of your icon  ->   Click on Finish  ->  Your icon will display on your desktop


If your browser is Microsoft Edge, You may have to right click on the icon and choose Adobe Reader to make it the default to open all PDF files.

To test creating a PDF file, your config.bbx file must contain an alias that allows the file creation. Contact Mindware Corporation to make sure this option is on your TOP printer menu:  ‘Create Adobe User PDF File ‘.


You can create a shortcut to access any drive letter on the server – i.e. S for share drive, U for export. This will allow you quick access to these folders without having to open them using Explore.


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