Acer Hardware Warranty

Every Acer personal computer comes with either one year warranty or a three year warranty, depending on the model of the PC. The units with a three year warranty usually includes a limited first year onsite warranty.

In the event of a hardware issue during the warranty period, Acer does provide an end-user free support number:  800-816-2237.

When you contact technical support, you will need to provide them with the serial number and the model number of the unit (this is found on the back of the unit).

Most Acer LED monitors include a three year warranty. Serial number and model information is also found on the back of the unit.

Acer technical support will require you to have access to the unit so they can have you trouble shoot the issue while they are on the phone. If the issue is not resolved, you can either return the unit to Acer or find an Acer distributor/repair service that will validate the warranty.

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