TOP PDF Print Defaults

There are reports from most modules in TOP that can be printed and stored as a PDF file. The files are stored in the EXPORT folder+Company Number+Folder Name. To view the reports or attach a PDF to an email, you will need to map your PC to the EXPORT folder (U Drive).

Below are the reports that can be set up on the PS Options Menu. Each report is created in the EXPORT folder under the current company number and a specific folder (i.e.  /EXPORT/CO001/AP_REG would contain the Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry Register from Company 001). Below is a list of the folder names where you can view the reports or attach them to an email:

Accounts Payable:

  • AP_PER – Open Invoice Report
  • AP_PER – Aged Open Invoice Report
  • AP_PER – Check Disbursement Regist
  • AP_REG – Invoice Data Entry Register
  • AP_MAN – Manual Check Data Entry Register
  • AP_SEL – Payment Selection Register
  • AP_CHK – Check Register

Accounts Receivable:

  • AR_CR   – Cash Receipts Data Entry Report
  • AR_PER – Aged Open Invoice Report
  • AR_REG – Open Invoice Data Entry Register
  • AR_STM – Statement Print
  • AR_PER – Monthly Sales Tax Report

General Ledger:

  • GL_JE    – General Journal Entry Report
  • GL_PER – Allocating Entry Report
  • GL_PER – Recurring Entry Report
  • GL_DS   – Daily Summary of Postings
  • GL_PER – Period Summary of Postings
  • GL_PER – Yearly Summary of Postings
  • GL_PER – Financial Statements
  • GL_PER – Trial Balance

Inventory Control:

  • IC_REG  -Transaction Data Entry Register
  • IC_PER  – Inventory Movement Report
  • IC_PER  – Transaction Audit Report
  • IC_PER  – Valued Inventory Report

Order Entry:

  • OE_SJ  –  Daily Sales Journal
  • OE_INV – Invoice Print Format 1
  • OE_INV – Invoice Print Format 2

Purchase Orders:

  • PO_REG – Transaction Data Entry Register

Sales Analysis:

  • SA_PER – Customer Analysis Report
  • SA_PER – Inventory Item Report


  • PR_DTE – Monthly Earnings Register

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