Sending Email from TOP

If you are using UnForm and MailCall with Total Order Plus, you have the option to print orders, quotes, invoices, purchase orders or statements to a PDF file that can be sent via email to your customers and vendors.

On the TOP Printer Selection Menu, you have the option ‘PP Create Adobe PDF File’ as a printer option. Once the option is selected, a file name displays on your screen and an option on the bottom of the screen to (S)end the document as an email.

Once that option is selected, you will have an Email Entry screen that requires a From email address and a To email address for the customer or vendor. The From email address can automatically be inserted from the User Maintenance record. The To email address can be entered manually or you can press the F1 key to display a customer or vendor contact email address.

You may have multiple copies sent to a carbon copy email address and a blind carbon copy email address. You can request for a return receipt notification that the customer or vendor has received and read your email. The Subject displays the quote, order, invoice or PO number, but you have the option to override the subject line.

The Attachment displays the file name of the PDF file. Attachment 2 gives you the ability to enter a file name of an attachment that will be sent with the email.

You have five text message lines of 50 characters each.

Setting Up TOP Email Parameters

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