TOP Credit Card Processing

Total Order Plus 2012 creates a text file during the Order Entry daily closing procedure that contains the information for each credit card transaction on each invoice that was paid with a credit card. The information contains the amount of the transaction, credit card number, the month and year of the credit card expiration date, customer code, customer name, address, city, state and zip code.

The file name is created using CC+year+month+day with an extension of .csv. The file is created in the U Drive on the file server (EXPORT drive) in the CO001/CREDIT_CARD folder. You can activate Excel and import the file that can be used to balance your daily credit card transactions. Other programs like NotePad, Word, etc. can be used to view the file. This file can be transferred to your credit card software company. Contact your vendor to see how they want the file transmitted to them.

Anyone interested in making this feature available on your system, please contact Mindware to set the status flag and activate.


You must make sure you have your PC is mapped to the EXPORT drive in order to retrieve the files.


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