Set Up Quote Template

To utilize the quoting capability in Total Order Plus, you would need to set up a quote template in Quote Maintenance on the O/E Options Menu. You can define a header name and description that would best describe the type of template you are defining.

Each line item must be a valid inventory item. You can enter the item code or enter ? for the item lookup window. The item description is displayed and the cursor moves to the quantity field. You can have up to 999 line items. You can use ‘M’essage lines in the template the same way you use message lines in order/invoice data entry.

Once the template is defined, it can be imported into an order by following this

At the order type field on Order Data Entry, you must enter a Q+F1 to select a template. Once the header portion of the order is complete, the line items from the template display on your screen. You can add, edit or delete line items the same as on a regular order.


Item pricing on a quote is calculated the same as on an order – checking customer contract pricing, custom pricing, discounts allowed and inventory item pricing.

A quote has two print formats:
– Worksheet format lists the quantity, item description, cost, list price and percent of
profit for each item, as well as an overall total profit and percent of profit for the entire quote.

– Second quote format prints the quantity, item code, description of the item without any pricing. A total of all of the line items prints at the bottom of the quote form.


If you do not have quote templates defined in your system, you can still print quote
forms simply by putting a Q in the order type field. The difference is you will have to
input the line items manually.

In the Order Parameter Maintenance on the Order Entry Defintion Menu, there are parameters that affects the way the quote information prints. If you do not have preprinted forms, TOP will print the column headings on the form, company logo, etc. You can decide if you want the item code to print, print total only, include message lines that begin with the ^ character and if you want to print discount amounts.

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