Search Order Entry Invoice History

Total Order Plus accumulates invoice history when the Daily Sales Journal and Update is processed. This data can be displayed in detail by using the Invoice History selection on the O/E Options Menu. There are numerous sort features allowing you to search the history file in specific ways.

The default sort is by customer code and allows you to press the Enter key to display all invoices for a customer or you can enter a customer code to advance the sort to that customer. You can press the F1 key to display the header information and line item detail records, F2 will reverse the sort back one screen or you can change the sort by pressing the F3 key. The F3 option offers selections to sort the history invoices by invoice number, customer code, order number, invoice date or display history from a history file that has been purged.

If you select to sort the history by invoice number, you will have another selection to sort by purchase order number, ship-to name or detailed line items, allowing you to print an invoice in the format selected in the Invoice Parameters on the Order Entry Definition Menu.

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