Find Order / Invoice Utility

This utility searches the open order file and the invoice history files by numerous

Enter find option:  (I)nvoice, (O)rder, (P)urchase order, (A)mount, (M)essage
item (D)escription, (N)ame, (S)hip-To, (R)elease, (T)ext, (C)ustomer account

Once you enter your find option, you will need to enter the search description to look for. If you know the customer code, it will shorten the length of the search. Otherwise, the search will proceed through all customers.Once the search begins and finds the search option, it will display whether it is an open order or a history invoice. If the selection is an open order, you can select to display the header information or see the status in production. If the selection is an invoice in history, there are further options:

Continue search? CR to continue, (A)udit, (M)ore header, (C)omments, (P)rint
(S)tatus, (R)eceipt, (F)reight, (V)iew or (N)o:

You can select to continue the search, show the audit on the invoice, display more invoice header information, enter text in an invoice history cardfile, show the cash receipt payments made against this invoice, view the freight and shipping information or print the invoice out of the history file.

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