Rebuild Inventory Item Committed Quantites

The Rebuild Options Menu provides utility programs that are necessary to reconstruct data files under certain conditions. One of those conditions would be when you need to delete inventory items that show a zero ending balance but you are unable to because there are quantities displayed in the Quantity on PO, Order Committed or the Invoice Committed fields in the Item Balance & Sales Display on the Inventory Item Master Sub-Menu.

If an inventory item shows a balance in any of the committed fields, you would need to check the Item Order/Invoice Display and the Item Purchase Order Display to get the order or invoice number or the purchase order number. You can delete the open orders, invoices or purchase orders for the items you are wanting to delete. If the display does not show any open orders, invoices or purchase orders but does show a committed balance, you will need to run the utility programs to remove the outstanding balances.

To run the utility programs, go to the TOP Main Menu and type a ? and enter RB to access the Rebuild Utility Menu. You would select I. IC Qty on P.O. and K. IC Item Committed. Once you have completed the rebuild programs, you will be able to delete the inventory items.


You may want to run these programs periodically just to keep the committed quantities ‘in sync’. It will require all users to be out of Total Order Plus or at least at the TOP Main Menu.



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