Setup Export From UPS WorldShip to TOP

To setup the export of shipping information from UPS WorldShip to Total Order Plus, you will need to map the V drive, Click on the link below for mapping instructions:

The information is imported into the Total Order Plus invoice history file during the Order Entry End-of-Day processing. Information includes the carrier, tracking number, service type (i.e. UPS Ground), amount of shipping and the ship date. This information is available in the Find Order/Invoice Utility on the Order Entry System Menu.

Setup steps are listed below:

1.     Select Import/Export Data from WorldShip menu

2.     Select Create or edit import or export map

3.     Select Export data from WorldShip

4.     Select Export CSV

5.     Select Freight Shipment

6.     Enter TOP_IMPORT001 and select Create

7.     Add fields in the following order

Package:Reference 1

Shipment Info:Void Indicator

Shipment Info:Lead Tracking Number

Shipment Info:Service Type

Shipment Info:Total Shipment Reference Charge

Package:Reference 2

Package:Reference 3

8.     Select Define

9      Enter V:\CO001\UPS\UPS_CSV_EXPORT.csv

10   Select Save

11. Select Import/Export Data from WorldShip menu

12.  Select Automatic Export During End Of Day

13.  Select More

14.  Select TOP_IMPORT001

15.  Select EXPORT


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