Reverse Cash Receipts Payment

To reverse an Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts Payment, you must use the Cash Receipts Data Entry screen on the Cash Receipts Menu. A payment would only need to be reversed if the original payment was applied to the wrong customer’s account, a returned check, etc. Following are the step by step instructions:

Enter deposit date -> Select type of deposit code (cash, check, credit card)
The deposit amount must be entered as a negative number (-150.00)

Type the customer code or ? to insert a customer from the display window and enter the check number to reverse


If the check number is not known, you can use the word REVERSE.

You can use the ABA number field as a memo field (Perhaps an explanation of why you are reversing the payment or leave blank)

The debit cash amount must be entered as a negative number

Select the invoice(s) number you want to reverse, bypass the discount field unless there was a discount taken when the payment was posted

The invoice amount must also be entered as a negative amount

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