Reset Accounts Receivable Period-End Flag

Total Order Plus has added an option on the Accounts Receivable Period-End Processing menu that sets a flag when you begin the End-of-Month procedure. This prevents another user from accessing the Accounts Receivable module during this process until it is complete.

When you set the flag in Begin Period End Process menu selection, you will be asked ‘Set End-of-Period Status? (Y)es or (N)o – Note: This Will Lock Other Users Out Of Accounts Receivable’. If you do not want to continue closing the month, you must answer No to return to the menu. If you answer Yes, TOP sets the flag and does not remove it until the Period End is complete. You will see this message flashing on your screen once the flag is set –  ‘A/R Period-End Processing in Process’ and it will remain on your screen until the entire procedure is completed. If another user tries to access the A/R module during the closing, you will see the message below.


If you accidentally answer Yes, you can remove the flag by going to the A/R Definition Menu  ->  Select Accounts Receivable Parameters and answer Yes to remove the flag. The user that sets the flag is the only one that can remove the flag.



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