Print Single Customer Label

TOP allows users to print a single customer label in the Accounts Receivable module. Select the Accounts Receivable System Menu -> Customer Master Maintenance -> Enter the customer code -> select Print Mailing Label on the sub-menu.

The from and to addresses display on the screen, along with an option to (C)hange the information, (P)rint the label as displayed or (E)nd the display and return to the sub-menu. You can accept the From address from the Company Maintenance file or if you have preprinted labels, you will want to remove the name and address.

The To name and address is the customer name and addrerss that displays on your screen or you can override the To information. Select the quantity of labels, the column you want the information to start printing and the format size of the label.


Label size is 1=1″, 2=2.5″, 3=3.0″, 4=3.5″ and 5=1.5″.

You have the option as to whether or not you want to print the From name and address on the label, print the customer code on the label, customer phone number or a combination of customer code and phone number.

If you are using a Zebra label printer, you must answer Yes to the Use Zebra question so TOP can format the label for that printer.

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