Emailing TOP A/R Statements

To print statements in TOP, access the Accounts Receivable module on the TOP Main Menu -> Select Accounts Receivable System Menu -> Select Period-End Processing Menu -> Select Statement Printing.

The First and Last Customer fields display automatically on your screen. You have the option to override if you are printing statements for one customer or a different range of customers.

Aging Option allows you to print (A)ll statements, statements only with (B)alances or only with balances (O)ver 30 days or balances over (6)0 days. Other options include printing statements that have a credit balance, certain customer types, with a selection option to print (A)ll, (H)ardcopy only, or (E)mail only.

If you select to email statements, you must also select a printer on the TOP printer menu for customers without an email address. The From Address displays from the Email Parameter record or you can override. The To Address must be left blank so it uses the customer’s email address. If you want to email a few statements for testing, you can enter a To Address and they will email to that address.

If you want to send a PDF attachment with each statement, you can enter the file name. The file must be in the EXPORT folder in TOP. If you do not enter the folder name in front of the file name, it will default to the EXPORT folder automatically.

You have three lines of 50 characters each to include a statement message.

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