A/R End Of Month Closing Procedure

Below is a check list for a normal TOP End of Month closing procedures for Accounts Receivable:

  1. Select Accounts Receivable on the TOP Main Menu -> Select Accounts Receivable System Menu -> Select Period-End Processing Menu
  2. Press F5 to set the module date to the last day of the current month
  3. Select Begin Period End Process
  4. Print Discount Level Sales Report (optional)
  5. Print Sales Tax Report
  6. Print Aged Open Invoice Report
  7. Select Finance Charge menu selections, if applicable
  8. Print Statements
  9. Update Finance Charges, if applicable
  10. Run the Period-End Update
  11. Press F5 to set the menu date to the first day of the next month


If this is the 12th month of the year, you will need to answer Y to close the year.


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