Adjust A/R Open Invoice

The Open Invoice Data Entry selection on the Accounts Receivable Invoice System Menu can be used to adjust invoice dates and make adjustments to invoice amounts. It must be noted that if you change the amount of an open invoice in this manner, it will not affect anything in the system except the customer’s account and will make a posting to the General Ledger.


The proper way to adjust an invoice amount is to issue a credit memo in the Order Entry system, so it affect all receivables, inventory and sales analysis reports. The system will prompt you to enter a General Ledger account number. If you are going to only adjust the date of the invoice, you will enter the Accounts Receivable account number so the amounts posted to the General Ledger will be zero. If you are going to adjust the amount of the invoice, you will enter a revenue account that was used on the original invoice.

Enter the invoice number or ? to insert the invoice number from the display window. Press the Enter key to accept the customer code displayed on your screen. The invoice date and due date, discount amounts and invoice amounts display on your screen.

‘Is This An Invoice Adjustment?’ (Y)es or (N)o? –> Press Y to continue

Press Enter for invoice date or change the date on the invoice
Press Enter for due date or change the due date on the invoice
Press Enter for discount date, if applicable, or Enter to bypass the discount date
Adjust the amount of the discount, if applicable
Enter the amount of the invoice adjustment


If you are only changing the dates of the invoice, you must enter a zero for invoice amount so the original amount of the invoice is not altered. If you want to adjust the invoice amount, you must enter the amount as a negative. If this invoice happens to be a credit invoice, the amount would be positive.

Press Enter to accept the line number assigned by the system

Press Enter to accept the revenue account displayed or input the General Ledger account that you want to distribute 


Multiple General Ledger account numbers can be distributed.

Run the Open Invoice Data Entry Register and Update to complete.

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