Total Order Plus Version 2012 Features

The features listed below are included in the newest version of TOP 2012:

  • MSRP added to Item Master
  • Expanded Sales Tax Code
  • User Maintenance now displays the last login date
  • Interface with (import and export function)
  • Expanded credit card functionality
  • Option to change vendor from PO History Detail
  • Adding credit card fees to order and invoices
  • Physical Count Sheet print now includes the item type and discontinued item flag
  • Create Physical Count Sheets selection has been modified to include/exclude certain items dependent on item type flag
  • New Total Order Plus interface to United States Postal Service
  • Option has been added to invoice history on the detail screen to view the UPS/FedEx tracking information
  • File attachment can be emailed with an order, invoice or a quote from the /EXPORT/EMAIL folder
  • Added feature to A/R Statement Print to allow a file attachment to be emailed with the statement
  • Able to import Extensible Markup Language files, known as xml files, into TOP as an order from ConnectWeb site
  • Kit component items now update committed for purchase orders, orders and invoices in the Item Master
  • Customer Price Display now matches pricing used in Order/Invoice Data Entry
  • Customer Status Maintenance and O/E Interface Maintenance screen print includes all fields and descriptions
  • ‘View’ option has been added to the Find Order/Invoice Utility to allow more detail and text to display
  • Ability to print QR codes or image files on TOP invoice format 1
  • Changed A/R statement print to allow the option to print and email all statements, email only statements or hardcopy only statements
  • Group code added to User Maintenance to be used to allow certain employees to view the entire credit card number in order/invoice data entry total screen
  • Customer credit card numbers display as a masked entry on the total screen in order/invoice data entry – i.e. ************1234
  • If an order was shipped using UPS, FedEx, etc. the tracking number prints on invoices printed out of history
  • Item type ‘N’ can not be changed to ‘Y’ for pricing only if the item balances and item committed are not zero
  • New item type ‘P” for Pre-Order has been added to the inventory item master
  • When adding a new General Ledger account, you no longer have to create a G/L image file in each module – now uses a universal image account number file
  • Credit card information is now stored in its own maintenance file with additional fields and now more secure as you now have the ability to have a password assigned to a customer sub-menu selection
  • Bill To name and address fields for both NOF’s and customers can now be edited per order/invoice
  • P/O Data Entry has been modified to allow access to the vendor part number field and allows the user to F1 to scroll through multiple part numbers for that vendor
  • I/C Vendor Part Number Maintenance has been increased to 99 sequence numbers
  • Combined deposit totals has been added to the Cash Receipts Journal screen
  • Order Audit Display is now an option in the Find Order/Invoice Utility
  • UPS tracking number, service type, date and shipping charge data can be displayed in the Find Order/Invoice Utility
  • Shipping data imported from UPS will be purged after 183 days during O/E daily closing
  • Customer Master name and address has been expanded and country code has been added
  • Customer Master phone and fax numbers have been expanded to allow international phone numbers
  • TOP system register numbers are now assigned from one data file
  • All TOP read and write access for the item master, customer master and the order/invoice/history header and detail records has been changed to use templates
  • New fields have been added to the Item Balance & Sales display
  • System Log Display per TOP module

TOP2012e Features:

Option to use MSRP instead of List Price


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