Basis BLM Install Instructions

Log in to  ->  Select Products  ->  Downloads  ->  Basis License Manager  ->  Platform/Availability  ->  Microsoft Windows AMD64  ->  Oracle JDK Download and agree to license agreement.  Select Windows x64 download.

Open Java Download  ->  Select Next  ->  Next  ->  Next for destination folder  -> Close

Under Downloads select BBj Package (includes BLM)

Enter Contact info (use customer information except for Name and Email)  ->  Select Download

Open Java Installation file (JAR)

Language Selection Window

Select Next

Welcome Window

Select Next

License Agreement Window

Select Accept  ->  Select Next

Directory Selection Window

Enter C:\TOP\bbj  ->  Select Next

JVM Selection Window

Select Next

Installation Type Selection Window

Select Typical  ->  Select Next

Configure Web Start Window

Select Trust Basis  ->  Select Next

Web Start Certificate Window

Enter Company Name

Jetty Host (External) defaults to top2-PC

Jetty Port defaults to 8888

Select Next

Installation Summary Window

Select Next

Basis UAC Configuration Window

Select Use standard privileges  –>  Select Next

Retrieve a License Option WIndow

Select Retrieve a license  –>  Select Next

Registration Window

Company Name:  Enter company name

First Name:  Archie

Last Name:  Tucker

Email Address:

Phone:  480-282-2078  ->  Select Next

License Registration Information

Serial Number:


User Count:  (Skip)

Host Name: (Default)

Host ID:  (Default)  ->  Next

License Registration and Delivery Methods Window

Select Registration and install a license automatically  ->  Select Next

Configure BLM Startup Window

Configure the BLM to run as a Windows service

Startup Type:  Automatic  –>  Select Next

Stop/Start the Basis License Manager

Start the Basis License Manager  ->  Select Next

Configure BBj Services should run automatically after user login  ->  Select Next

Start/Stop BBj Services Window

Start BBj Services  ->  Select Next

The Wizard Process Complete Window

Select Finish




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