Editing Customer Name/Address on Open Orders/Invoices


The Tech Line, by Joanne Simmons




When a customer calls with a change of address, it is time consuming to have to go into every order and invoice and edit the bill-to address. Has this been addressed in the new version of TOP2012?


You would go into the customer master and edit the customer name and address. Upon exiting the Customer Status Maintenance screen, you will be prompted with ‘Change O/E order and invoice customer name and address also? (Y)es or (N)o:’. You need to answer yes to have TOP change the bill-to name and address on all open orders and invoices for that customer.

If you answer no, you would have to manually change the bill-to address on each individual order and invoice. TOP now allows you to press F2 at the ship-to name field to access the contact name and F2 again to access the bill-to name and address. You will notice that a third address line has been added to both the bill-to and ship-to address and the customer master address. Each line is now 35 characters in length.

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