Replace Contract Price Item Description




The Tech Line, by Joanne Simmons


We have numerous contract prices for most of our customers. We sometimes edit the item description in the contract pricing file. There are times when we enter an order or invoice that we would like to be able to replace it with the actual item description from the item master.


In Total Order Plus 2012, there has been a modification to order and invoice data entry. After entering an item code and the quantity, you will see the contract item description display on your screen. You can press the F3 key to move your cursor to the item description field. If you want to replace the item description, you press the F1 key to insert the item description from the item master.

You can always edit an item description with your own description as well. If you start to enter your description and decide you want the original description back, don’t press the Enter key but press the ESC key to restore the description. This ESC key option also applies to Special and Message lines and most text input fields that have the [brackets].

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