FedEx Ship Manager Installation

Install From CD-Rom

Will need to be version V.2285 or greater including integration option.

Close all programs on the PC

Insert FedEx Ship Manager Software -> Select Ok for English

Select Next for Welcome to the FedEx Ship Manager install Window

Select Yes for License Agreement Window

Select Next for Choose Destination Location Window

Select Next for FedEx Ship Manager Install Options Window (leave Network Option Blank)

Select Next for Select Program Folder Window

Wait for installation

Select Unblock from Windows Security Alert if message is displayed

Select Finish for Thank you for installing FedEx Ship Manager Window (Yes to restart computer)

Remove FedEx CD

Install Basis ODBC Driver

Use selection on Basis ODBC Driver for installation


If you have installed on same PC as UPS, you can skip this step.

Setup FedEx Ship Manager

If not yet configured, follow the steps below:

Start program by double clicking on the FedEx Ship Manager icon

Select Next for FedEx Manager Registration Window

Select printer option and select Next

Select Report Printer & Label Printer, then Next from FedEx Ship Manager Printer Configuration Window

Select Next for FedEx Ship Manager Communication Configuration

Select Next for FedEx Ship Manager Communication Configuration (Use Lan or IPS option)

Enter account information and select Next from FedEx Ship Manager Customer Information Window

Select international information & select Finish from FedEx Ship Manager Customer Information Window

Wait for Registration to complete

Select Ship or Exit from FedEx Ship Manager Window

Setup TOP Integration

Start FedEx Ship Manager if not running.

Select Integration from the menu bar

Select FedEx Integration Assistant

Select Continue for Introduction Window

Select Continue for Before You Begin Window

Select Import, then Continue from Integration Type Window

Select ODBC -> TOP_SHIPPING -> Continue from Source Window

Select Yes to all three questions -> Continue from Shipping Window

Select After I enter a Customer Reference -> Continue from the Lookup Window

Select Recipient -> Check the following fields -> Select Ok

Company                              Contact Name

Address 1                              Address 2

City                                        State/Province

Postal Code

ID                                           Country


Shipment Notification

Select Package -> Check the following fields -> Select Ok

Declared Value                                    Customer Reference

Package Type

PO Number                                           Service Type

Select Sender then check the following fields -> Select Ok

Company                                              Address 1

Address 2                                              City

State/Province                                      Postal Code

Account Number

Select Continue from the Information Window

Select the Table, Field and Default options as below:

Package Information

Declared Value                  OE_SHIPTO         SHPMNT_VALUE

Package Type                     OE_SHIPTO         Customer Package

Service Type                         OE_SHIPTO         SERVICE_TYPE

PO Number                           OE_SHIPTO         PO_NO

Recipient Information

Recipient Company            OE_SHIPTO         SHIPTO_NAME

Recipient Contact               OE_SHIPTO         CC_NAME

Recipient Address 1            OE_SHIPTO         SHIPTO_ADD1

Recipient Address 2            OE_SHIPTO         SHIPTO_ADD2

Recipient City                      OE_SHIPTO         SHIPTO_CITY

Recipient State                     OE_SHIPTO         SHIPTO_STATE

Recipient Postal Code        OE_SHIPTO         SHIPTO_ZIP

Recipient ID                         OE_SHIPTO         ORDER_NO

Recipient Country             OE_SHIPTO            US – UNITED STATES

Recipient Email                   OE_SHIPTO         EMAIL_ADDR

Recipient Shipment             OE_SHIPTO         NOTIFY_FLG

Sender Information

Sender Company                OE_SHIPTO         RETURN_NAME

Sender Address 1 OE_SHIPTO         RETURN_ADD1

Sender Address 2 OE_SHIPTO         RETURN_ADD2

Sender City                           OE_SHIPTO         RETURN_CITY

Sender State                         OE_SHIPTO         RETURN_STATE

Sender Postal Code             OE_SHIPTO         RETURN_ZIP

Sender Account No             OE_SHIPTO         RECV_UPS_NO

Select Continue

Select Order Number for Customer Reference -> Select Ok

Select Continue from Conversion Window -> Select Save

Select Save from Save Integration Profile Window (Profile Name: MyProfile)

Select Finish

Select Integration from menu bar

Select MyProfile to display Customer Reference Input Window


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