Anzio Lite Setup

For more information, click on Anzio Lite product information link.

Download And Install

Click on Anzio Download link on -> Select latest version of Anzio Lite 17


Anzio 16 users download version 16.3m under ‘Archives’

Save to temp folder on C drive (if folder not present create it)

Select Save  ->  Select OK

Select Open  ->  Select Run to display Install Wizard

Select Yes to License Agreement  ->  Select Next for Location

Select Next for Program Folder  ->  Select Finish

Setup Icon

Select Start -> Programs -> Anzio 17 -> Anzio Lite 17 (New Connection)

Select SCOANSI for terminal type if using SCO, select Linux if using Red Hat Linux

If using SCO, answer No to old style if SCO 5.0.7

Select Telnet from Communications Setup Window if local connection, select ssh if remote connection

Enter IP address for server (example for local connection,  –> Click Connect

Select Yes for Please Verify SSH Key if using SSH

Enter login name and password

Select File  ->  Save Settings As  -> Use Total Order Plus for icon name

Slave Printer Setup

Start Anzio Lite

Select File -> Printer Setup -> In Print Level section select Spooler, on printer

Select OK

Disable X box to exit TOP

Start Anzio Lite -> Select Edit -> Select Advanced Options

Select Screen tab -> Uncheck System menu close box

Select File -> Select Save Settings -> Log out and log back in to take effect


On some networks, Anzio Lite will automatically disconnect a user after a certain amount of idle time. You can increase the amount of time that Anzio Lite checks the connection by doing the following:

Click on Communicate -> Select Network -> Select Stay Alive and increase the time to 120 or greater -> Select File -> Save Settings


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