Anzio Lite ‘License Will Not Stick’ Windows 7/8/10

On some Windows 7, 8 and 10 systems, the problem of “license will not stick” occurs when Windows has UAC (user access control) enabled due to various combinations of security settings on the computer. It may also cause the user name and password not to be verified when the user logs in.

A quick solution to the problem is to run Anzio on elevated security privileges while registering Anzio by entering the Serial Number and License Code. The following steps should allow the license information to be accessed for all users with elevated privileges. Even though you may be logged in as an Administrator at the computer, this is the only way to make the Anzio license registration stick on Windows 7 and 8 computers.

1. Close all current active Anzio sessions

2. Move your mouse/cursor over to the Anzio icon on the desktop -> Right click on the mouse -> Select “Run as Administrator”

3. Re-enter your Anzio serial number and license code (under the Help menu, select on “Enter license number…”)

4. Close down Anzio then restart Anzio

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