Create RecoverEDGE Bootable Media

When BackupEDGE software is installed on your file server for nightly backup procedures, a bootable RecoverEdge DVD is created to be used in case a restore is ever necessary. The media contains the system configuration, printer designations, etc.

Periodically, updates are available from Microlite’s website whenever a new version of the software is released. Once an upgrade is downloaded and upgraded, you need to make a new RecoverEDGE DVD to update the information. It is a good idea to label the DVD with the date it was generated and the label ‘Bootable RecoverEdge Media’.

You receive a nightly backup summary printout. When it is necessary to make new media, you will see this message on the printout ‘RecoverEDGE Media is Out Of Date’. It only takes a few minutes to create the media compared to hours of time that would be needed to configure a new operating system.

Following are the instructions needed to create a RecoverEDGE DVD:

Insert a new DVD disc in the file server
Login to the file server as root -> Type edgemenu at the # prompt
Select Setup on the menu -> Select Make RecoverEDGE Media
Select Boot Media Type (i.e. dvd0, optical0) -> Select Make Media -> Select Continue

Medium Generation Status will display as the media is generated -> Follow the prompts on the screen

Select OK after ‘Bootable Medium Created Successfully’ message is displayed. Make sure to label the DVD ‘BackupEdge Bootable Media’ along with the date. Keep in a safe place.

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