Map Network Drives in Windows 10

Below are the mapped network drive settings used with Linux and Unix. A valid Linux/Unix user/password must be used to map a drive to the Windows PC. The Windows PC will use the Windows user/password as the default. User should be set as administrator.

  • Drive Letter: R   Path: \\\top (Used for UPS Worldship and FedEx Interface)
  • Drive Letter: S   Path: \\\share
  • Drive Letter: T   Path: \\\top_text
  • Drive Letter: U   Path: \\\top_export
  • Drive Letter: V   Path: \\\top_import
  • Drive Letter: W  Path: \\\top_remote

Click on This PC  ->  Select the Computer Tab  ->  Click Map Network Drive

Select the drive letter to map or click on the down arrow to display the drive letters (i.e. S for share drive)

Enter one of the specified folders listed above (i.e. \\\share)

Click Reconnect at sign-in  ->  Click Finish


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