Change IP Address on Lexmark Printers

Every printer has been assigned an IP address on the factory settings. To use a printer on your TOP network, you must change the IP address to an IP address in the 100 range – i.e., 102, 103, etc.

You have a Printer Control Menu on the printer that you can use to print out a configuration page that will show all of the settings. You must change the TCP/IP settings to, Subnet Mask to, GW (Gateway) to The printer should be set for DHCP.

For example, if the printer IP is preset to, you will access that IP address on your PC in your browser on the network in order to access the changes mentioned above or if your printer has a LCD panel, you can change the settings on the panel.

You can download the manual for your printer on in PDF format. There will be instructions on how to access the TCP/IP menu – i.e.  Network/Ports  –>  Standard Network  –>  Standard Network Setup  –>  TCP\IP.


This menu is available only to network printers or printers attached to a print server.

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