What Is Your Microwave IQ?


My Two Cents, by Archie Tucker



So, what is your Microwave IQ? Are you a Mensa microwave member, you know every feature your microwave has and you have read the manual more than once? Or, are you a not the sharpest tool in the shed microwave user? You know how to make popcorn and boil water? Maybe now you are thinking what is this !@$? trying to say? Maybe TOP users know a lot or very little about the available features in TOP. If you are a Mensa TOP member, we would like you to share some of the features in TOP, and if you are one of those Other TOP users, we are hoping to make you one of the sharper tools in the shed. That is one of the reasons for the new website, which we built using WordPress, the dominate platform for blogging. We will publish more on this next month.

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