Mapped Drives And Disk Space

Two_CentsMy Two Cents, by Archie Tucker



If you are running TOP on a UNIX or Linux server, you probably are using drives on your Windows PC that are mapped to your server. Below are some of the most common drives we normally setup:

  • S Drive – Used to share common files on your network
  • U Drive – Used to save PDF files from TOP
  • V Drive – Used to import data into TOP

Depending on how long and how often you have been using this feature, a large amount of disk space on the server could be occupied by this data. In a lot of cases the data can be using more disk space than TOP and at some point can cause problems with backups and server performance. If disk space is allowed to reach zero on your server, bad things will happen!

You can maintain your mapped drives from Windows, just like your local drives by usingĀ Windows Explorer. If you have information that you need to backup before deleting it from the mapped drives, you can first copy it from the mapped drives to a local CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive, a USB external hard drive or a network external hard drive.

If you need help with maintaining your TOP Registers/Journals/Period-End PDF files (stored on the U drive), there is more info on our website, TOP PDF Print Defaults. If you still have any questions, please contact Mindware support.

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