Backup DVD/Tape Rotation Requirements

Customers usually have backup software that allows them to backup their data stored on their server. BackupEdge software allows the user to set up a schedule of what days they want to perform a backup, either to DVD or to a tape cartridge.

The elusive rule of thumb is there should be a DVD or tape for each night of the week Monday through Friday in their rotation. Some customers prefer to have a two week rotation. BackupEdge requires that the DVD or tape not to be used untilĀ at least 7 days from the last time it was used in a backup routine. For example, if you use a DVD or tape on Monday, you cannot reuse the DVD or tape until Monday of the next week.

It may not be a bad idea to keep a backup from the last day of each month until the next month end is completed.

A recommended rotation would be:

Monday Week 1, Tuesday Week 1, Wednesday Week 1, Thursday Week 1, Friday Week 1

Monday Week 2, Tuesday Week 2, Wednesday Week 2, Thursday Week 2, Friday Week 2

Month 1, Month 2, Month 3

Year 1

Remote FTP backups do not require the same rules of use.

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