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I/C End Of Day Closing Procedure

Below is a check list for a normal TOP End of Day closing procedure for Inventory Control:

  1. Select Inventory Control on the TOP Main Menu -> Select Inventory Control System Menu
  2. Press F5 to set the module date to today’s date
  3. Print the Transaction Data Entry Register and Update
  4. Press F5 to set the invoice date to the next day’s processing date

Setup A New Inventory Product Category

There are four steps that are required to set up a new inventory product code. Select Inventory Control -> Select Inventory Control Definition Menu

1) Select Segment One Maintenance and enter the new product category code and the description of the product category.

2) Select Distribution Code Maintenance and enter the new product category code. You must enter a debit and credit General Ledger account number for Receipts, Issues, Adjustments, Physical Count and Sales.


See the Total Order Plus Inventory Control manual for detailed information on how to enter the distribution account numbers for each category.

3) Enter ? to display the I/C Options Menu. Select Product Category Maintenance and enter the product category and the description will automatically display. This code can be up to three characters and is used for categorizing reports.

4) Select Discount Class Maintenance on the I/C Options Menu. Enter the discount class code and the description will automatically display. The discount class code can be the same as the segment one code for simplicity.

Enter L for level pricing, P for quantity break pricing or N for net quantity break pricing. Depending on your selection, you will enter the discount percentages or quantity breaks for each level.

Level M is used for custom pricing and N is used for best price.