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 " The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat! "


OMG!  My scanner/fax/printer can store personal information about me? There are some cases where a printer could be storing information about you, including hundreds of items that you scanned or copied, along with your name, fax numbers, etc. when you first set up your printer. In order for this information to have been stored, the printer would have to have an internal hard drive installed, which isn't something a consumer grade printer usually has.  Read more . . . .


There are a few ways to capture system messages, error messages within Total Order Plus, etc. to send via email for a support request. You can do a screen print if your are using a terminal emulator with that option, print and fax to Mindware or capture a screen print onto your Windows clipboard and insert the screen image from the clipboard into your email. If you have a scanner that will create the image into a PDF file, you can attach the PDF to your email.

To capture your screen image to the clipboard, press the CTRL+ALT+ PrtScrn key on your keyboard and the image is attached to your clipboard. Once you create your email, you can click on the clipboard option, highlight the image you want to insert and select the paste option.  Windows automatically inserts the screen image into the body of your email.


There are a couple of tests you can run on your PC to see if the Internet connection is 'up to speed'.

Speed Test

You can go to and run the test displayed on your monitor. It will give you the results of how long it takes to download data to your PC from the Internet and the speed of an upload of data from your PC to the Internet.  The results are displayed in Mbps (Megabits per second).

Ping Test

The second test tracks the data packets that are being sent or received on the ping command. You can select a test to a specific server or test to a local server. Go to to run this test. Results are displayed in milliseconds. is a free broadband quality analyzer designed to complement This troubleshooting tool grades your connection on how well it is likely to handle things like voice services (VoIP), streaming music or video, telecommuting, etc.


Total Order Plus 2012 is now being used at Mindware and at most all of our customers. We have started a new features list of what has been incorporated into this new version of our software.  Some of the highlights are the importing of UPS WorldShip tracking information into Total Order Plus invoice history during the daily closing in WorldShip, ability to edit the customer and NOF Bill To information and credit card information is now stored in its own maintenance file, allowing you to protect the data with a password. Click here to view the entire list of new features . . . .


Red Hat® Linux

Mindware Corporation is moving from SCO Unix to Red Hat® Linux on future installations on new file servers. The main reason for the move is Linux supports the current version of Java, which is technology supported by BBj and the new version of Total Order Plus 2012 is currently being enhanced with this combination. Business Basic Java BBj™, is a superset of BBx, so all of your existing code will run as it always has and all of your data will be accessible the same as always. Using BBj, you can continue to write Business Basic code just as you always have. But added to your existing BBx capability is a whole new range of flexibility. BBj is a rewrite and reorganization of BBx from top to bottom using the Java™ programming language. As such, if you wish, you can also compile your Business Basic application with Java tools and gain all the exciting new capabilities Java offers.

Red Hat®, the world's leading open source and Linux provider, is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, with satellite offices worldwide. Red Hat is leading Linux and open source solutions into the mainstream by making high-quality, low-cost technology accessible. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 6 evolves in concert with hardware advances, reducing system power consumption, taking advantage of hardware with greater numbers of processing and memory resources, and withstanding hardware failures better.

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 6 continues the tradition of delivering the best operating system for data center needs. Advances in system efficiency lead to higher performance as well as reduced operating costs. Increased scalability meets the need for larger systems with more CPU sockets and cores, more memory, and larger file systems. System evolution that makes the most of emerging hardware features such as Reliability, Availability, Serviceability (RAS) capabilities keeps your systems running in the face of hardware failures that would have caused previous generations of systems to crash.

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux forges new ground in managing processing, memory, storage, supports more sockets, more cores, more threads, more memory and network resources. The primary responsibility of an operating system is to manage processing, memory, storage, and network resources, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux forges new ground in deriving benefit from its integral relationship with system hardware. Partitioning processing resources to applications with cgroups and associated controllers can help those applications meet SLA, reduce resource bottlenecks, and increase net system performance. Management of storage and networks includes availability and performance improvements.


Things You May Not Know About TOP

Many of our customers may not be aware that Total Order Plus has a 'User Appendix' manual, 'Online Help' manual and a 'TOP Intro" manual online on our support website and can be accessed by clicking on 'Documentation' on the left side of the screen. These manuals contain numerous screens and instructions to help you with Windows issues, UnForm, UPS, Anzio Lite, Unix commands, End of Day and End of Month processing, how to use the TOP Report Writer, TOP menu commands, 'How To' information, listing of reports that can be printed to PDF files, etc.

This month we will feature the option to email a file attachment along with month-end statements, orders, invoices, quotes, invoices and purchase orders. The file must be located in the /a/top/EXPORT folder (Drive U) in order for TOP to be able to find the file and insert it into the email. Examples of a file attachment might include a flyer with special item pricing, a credit application, etc.


The 'Tech Line'

                      By Joanne Simmons   


When I print Period-End statements, some of our customers want their statement as an email attachment. Would be nice to be able to just print statements or email statements or both.



TOP has modified the statement print to allow the option to either print and email all statements, email only statements or hardcopy only statements.


Changes to Total Order Plus and UnForm are made on a continual basis. We will keep you updated by listing the most recent changes in each of our newsletters. Following are the most recent:

TOP Enhancements:

See the TOP2012 list of features in this newsletter for all recent enhancements.

UnForm Enhancements:

bulletUnForm 8.0 has been released - call for upgrade pricing.

Note: UnForm versions 4.X, 5.X and 6.X are no longer supported by SDSI or Mindware Corporation.


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