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 " In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield. "


Sad news to report regarding a member of the TOP User's Group.  Randy Hansen, owner of California Stamp Company, passed away earlier this month and will be greatly missed.  He has been a customer and friend of Mindware Corporation since 1991 and has attended many of our user group meetings over the years, and hosted a few as well, so I know a lot of you knew him personally. We want to give our condolences to his family, friends and co-workers.

Below is a picture of Randy taking some of our TOP customers on a tour of California Stamp Company.


Total Order Plus 2012.B is now being used at Mindware and fifteen other customers. We have started a new features list of what has been incorporated into this new version of our software.  Some of the highlights are the importing of UPS WorldShip tracking information into Total Order Plus invoice history during the daily closing in WorldShip, ability to edit the customer and NOF Bill To information and credit card information is now stored in its own maintenance file, allowing you to protect the data with a password. Click here to view the entire list of new features . . . .


Downside of Disconnecting Your Sonicwall

Some of our customers in the past have had their Sonicwall disconnected from their network which would mean that support for Total Order Plus would no longer be available. Besides support not being available, there are other significant reasons:


VPN connections cannot be setup for remote locations


Unable to enter IP addresses for remote connections


Less protection from the Internet for your network


Unable to add or remove individual PC's for McAfee Anti-Virus protection


Unable to block malicious websites or block certain websites from employees during business hours


Unable to change IP and DNS addresses if an Internet Provider makes changes to a customer's network

bulletUnable to upgrade TOP using ftp from Mindware to the customer's file server


Payroll 2012 Federal Tax Tables

There are new tax rates for the year 2012 for the TOP customers that still use the payroll module. The Social Security and Medicare rate limit is now $110,100.00.  The FUTA rate has been lowered to .60%.

The Annual Tax Tables for both single and married have been modified.  These tables can be found in your Circular E pamphlet for 2012 from the Federal government. If you do not have a Circular E, please email or contact Mindware for a copy of the tables.


Total Order Plus 2000.Q has been released and has been installed on most of our customer's systems. There are numerous new features in this upgrade - too many to list in this newsletter. You can go to our website and click on TOP2000.Q Features or click here to view the list . . . .


Things You May Not Know About TOP

Many of our customers may not be aware that Total Order Plus has a 'User Appendix' manual, 'Online Help' manual and a 'TOP Intro" manual online on our support website and can be accessed by clicking on 'Documentation' on the left side of the screen. These manuals contain numerous screens and instructions to help you with Windows issues, UnForm, UPS, Anzio Lite, Unix commands, End of Day and End of Month processing, how to use the TOP Report Writer, TOP menu commands, 'How To' information, listing of reports that can be printed to PDF files, etc.

This month we will feature the new 'View' option in the O/E Find Order/Invoice Utility. We have created screen shots of the View option on a search for text. Once the text is displayed, you have the option to view the detail of the associated line item.  Click here to view . . . .


The 'Tech Line'

                      By Joanne Simmons   


There are a lot of times when I send statements that I would just like to print a hardcopy only and not send the statements that are sent via email.


This feature has been added to TOP2012. There is now an option to print a hardcopy AND email statements, email statements only or print statements only.


Changes to Total Order Plus and UnForm are made on a continual basis. We will keep you updated by listing the most recent changes in each of our newsletters. Following are the most recent:

TOP Enhancements:

See the TOP2012 and TOP2000.Q list of features in the articles in this newsletter for all recent changes

UnForm Enhancements:

bulletUnForm 8.0 has been released - call for upgrade pricing

Note: UnForm versions 4.X, 5.X and 6.X are no longer supported by SDSI or Mindware Corporation.


Event Calendar




CHA Anaheim Trade Show 01/29/2012
Daylight Savings Begins 03/11/2012
Good Friday 04/06/2012 *
Easter Sunday 04/08/2012
Memorial Day 05/28/2012 *
Forth of July 07/04/2012 *
Labor Day 09/03/2012 *
Daylight Savings End 11/04/2012
Thanksgiving Day 11/22/2012 *
Thanksgiving Holiday 11/23/2012 *
Christmas Eve 1/2 Day 12/24/2012 *
Christmas Day 12/25/2012 *
New Years Eve 12/31/2012
New Years Day 01/01/2013


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