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 " I envy people who drink. At least they have something to blame everything on! "


Battery technology has come a long way for laptops from the days of have to 'condition' a battery when purchased to maximize the storage capacity. Today's batteries are generally lithium-ion (li-ion), which is far less susceptible to the traditional memory and idle discharge issues that the older Nicad (nickel cadmium) and NiMH (nickel metal hydirde) suffered from. If you are using your laptop as a desktop and is plugged into the wall all of the time, it poses the question 'Should I remove the battery when I'm plugged in?'  Read more . . . .


Total Order Plus 2012 is now being used at Mindware and several customers. We have started a new features list of what has been incorporated into this new version of our software.  Some of the highlights are the importing of UPS WorldShip tracking information into Total Order Plus invoice history during the daily closing in WorldShip, ability to edit the customer and NOF Bill To information and credit card information is now stored in its own maintenance file, allowing you to protect the data with a password. Click here to view the entire list of new features . . . .


CHA Winter Conference & Trade Show

The CHA Winter Conference & Trade Show was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA January 28th through January 31st. The schedule of events included hands on workshops, seminars and several special events, such as, keynote speakers, receptions, networking events and business meetings.

TOP customers attending the show were Ted Cutts, Royal Acme Corporation, Cleveland, OH, Ken, Ryan and Amy Peterson, Product Performers, Prospect Heights, IL, Randy Bilthouse, Justrite Stampers, Elmhurst, IL and Archie and Connie Tucker, Mindware Corporation.

Below are pictures that were taken at the conference. Right to left:  Anaheim Convention Center, booth setup for Royal Acme Corporation, Product Performers and Justrite Stampers and then it was 'show time'!


Total Order Plus 2000.Q has been installed on most of our customer's systems. There are numerous new features in this upgrade - too many to list in this newsletter. You can go to our website and click on TOP2000.Q Features or click here to view the list . . . .


Things You May Not Know About TOP

Many of our customers may not be aware that Total Order Plus has a 'User Appendix' manual, 'Online Help' manual and a 'TOP Intro" manual online on our support website and can be accessed by clicking on 'Documentation' on the left side of the screen. These manuals contain numerous screens and instructions to help you with Windows issues, UnForm, UPS, Anzio Lite, Unix commands, End of Day and End of Month processing, how to use the TOP Report Writer, TOP menu commands, 'How To' information, listing of reports that can be printed to PDF files, etc.

This month we will feature the Customer Price Display. You will now be able to see the standard price, discount level pricing and the customer price based on discount percentages, level pricing, net quantity pricing, best price and quantity pricing. Screen below is an example.



The 'Tech Line'

                      By Joanne Simmons   


When I look at the Customer Price Display on the Customer Sub-Menu, it would be nice to see their actual discounted price that is the same prices used in order and invoice entry.


This is featured in this newsletter in 'Things You May Not Know About TOP'.


Changes to Total Order Plus and UnForm are made on a continual basis. We will keep you updated by listing the most recent changes in each of our newsletters. Following are the most recent:

TOP Enhancements:

See the TOP2012 and TOP2000.Q list of features in the articles in this newsletter for all recent changes

UnForm Enhancements:

bulletUnForm 8.0 has been released - call for upgrade pricing

Note: UnForm versions 4.X, 5.X and 6.X are no longer supported by SDSI or Mindware Corporation.


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