April 2013

Vegas RSM Convention

Mindware will be attending the RSM Convention in Las Vegas at The Bellagio on April 27th & 28th.

Have A Request For A New TOP Feature?

Please note, so far we have only received a request from Mike at Becker Supply Company!

If you have a new feature you would like added to the next version of TOP, or would like to see what has been requested so far, click on the link below.

TOP Feature Request


Who You Gonna Call?

For those of you who don't recognize the line above, it's from the original GhostBusters movie and for  those of you that don't know the correct contact info at Mindware that is below.

  • Toll Free: 800.950.0401
  • Phone: 480.839.5343
  • Fax Joanne: 480.718.7416
  • Fax Archie or Connie: 480.907.2200
  • Support Email: support@mindwarecorp.com
  • Accounting Email: accounting@mindwarecorp.com
  • Email Joanne: jsimmons@mindwarecorp.com
  • Email Connie: ctucker@mindwarecorp.com
  • Email Archie: atucker@mindwarecorp.com

If you have a support question, please email support@mindwarecorp.com. If you use support@mindwarecorp.com, Joanne, Connie and Archie will receive the email. We have also redesigned our website to make it easy to find support information and we continue to add additional information.

Newest Support Posts



Below are the latest support posts added to the website. Click here to visit our website to view posts. Most recent posts are listed in the main side bar on the right-hand side of the website.

  • TOP Credit Card Processing
  • Sending An Invitation From LogMein
  • SCO UNIX Print Device Commands
  • Item Price Change Utility
  • Red Hat Linux Print Device Commands
  • Editing Customer Name/Address on Open Orders/Invoices

Why Off-Site Backup?


My Two Cents, by Archie Tucker


Everyone knows how important a good backup is, but what about off-site backups? Off-site backups or off-site data protection, is the strategy of storing critical data off the main site as part of a disaster recovery plan. ...

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Editing Customer Name/Address on Open Orders/Invoices


The Tech Line, by Joanne Simmons



When a customer calls with a change of address, it is time consuming to have to go into every order and invoice and edit the bill-to address. Has this been addressed in the new version of ...

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TOP Bug Fix List



 Please note, we automatically upgrade your TOP system with any bug fixes if you are on the current version of TOP.

  • S/A Salesperson Invoice Report - Loop Issue
  • O/E Combine Order Utility - File Busy Issue
  • O/E Print Invoice Generation List - Print Issue

Event Calendar



Click on this link to access the Mindware Event Calendar

Images From Arizona

Springtime in the desert from Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. The park is located in Arizona on the border with Mexico.